Dear Twin Peakers

Our purpose: Providing Happiness Through the Power of Hospitality acts as a compass that gives direction during these uncertain times.

At Twin Peaks Hospitality, this means that your health and safety, as well as that of our guests, is our number one priority. It also means caring for others, taking responsibility in stopping the spread of Covid-19, while continuing to offer compelling and unique hospitality experiences.

As we are preparing for a reopening of our hotels on the 1st of July and our restaurant in August, we are implementing full-scale enhancements to our already stringent health and safety procedures.

Examples of these are: a seperate staff entrance to prevent mixing traffic between guests and employees, a break room with enough space to safely sit apart from each other and sufficient hand sanitizer stations throughout our back office areas.

Our properties may look somewhat different in this new environment, but lets make sure that they feel the same: ultimately, we make the difference for each other and our guests in providing the meaningful and personalized services that we are known for.

We want to thank you for your understanding and following procedures while at work and look very much forward seeing all of you again soon.

With hospitable regards,

Christophe & Jean-Marc Beaumont